There’s a First Time for Everything. No, Really!

This is the first entry on my new website for my new adventure in my new(ish) state of mind.  No longer a newbie in the “real world,” but not an old dog either, I decided a while ago that I’m taking this health…thing, whatever it is, to task.  It’s a passion that burns too hot to leave on the back burner, and a devotion too divine to blaspheme.

So I decided to start this whole operation upon drawing two conclusions.

  1.  A few years ago, after wallowing in a dark and unhealthy place, I fell in love with exercise and healthy living, and want to base my working life helping others take charge of their own lives by sharing my knowledge and abilities in the profession.  It’s what I feel like I should be doing with my time.
  2. I don’t want to ever again have a job where aloof boss’s and self-serving peers are the people in charge of arbitrarily determining my value in         the workplace, and ultimately, in life.   In my new endeavor, if I work hard,  I determine my value.  I mail it in?  Well, I won’t be able to afford       the postage stamp.

But this really isn’t about me at all!

This is about spreading the idea that YOU can achieve your fitness goals, goals you maybe didn’t even realize you have, and turn them into reality.   Fitness isn’t about superficial ideals like attractiveness and attention.  It’s about working hard for what you want, taking charge of yourself, and developing a routine of positivity that enhances your mental health!  Follow me and make the changes now.

Today’s the day!

Thank you to all who follow me,


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